Customer Testimonials from Other Places

Customer reviews are contained in the listings. The following are reviews received via Facebook, emails, and Google:


"April my daughter loves her ankle bracelet she wears it all the time. It is really beautiful and it suits her perfectly." Lorraine S., CT

"Thank you April B Jewelry. April created this one-of-a-kind beautiful bracelet for me. With so much meaning and so much intention. My bracelet for meditation makes me happy every day. And the intention that she created for the bracelet is now part of my ritual and routine. Thank you. ❤️ " Naomi R., CT

"Thanks April! For my tigers 🐯 eye pendant!!! Great product! Great packaging: easy to send as a gift! Love that you included an explanation of the Tree of life and anti tarnish papers!!! Awesome!!!" Davia S., Connecticut

"I love April B Jewelry! She is so talented, when I first saw her at eWomenNetwork Greater Hartford I came home and couldn’t stop talking about her work. (Somehow) Scott was listening and surprised me with two pieces for Christmas!"  Dina G., Connecticut 💗" Din



"I have known April for over 15 years and own many pieces of jewelry she has made over the years. When it came to have my wedding jewelry, April B Jewelry is where I wanted my jewelry from. She created a beautiful custom made pearl necklace that had a back attachment with blue crystals as my dress had a deep V on the back, along with a matching bracelet. April's jewelry is top notch, delicate and so elegant. I love each and every piece I own and you can see the love and passion she has for her craft. Thank you April, you have a life long customer." Noely V., Connecticut



"I have just opened my package...and the bracelet is beautiful! It is so comfortable to wear and it looks exquisite! Thank you for continuing to design and make such beautiful jewelry. " Christine G., New Hampshire

"OMG!!...Simplicity has its beauty. April, I got emotional." Betsy G., Massachusetts

"Your work is amazing." Elaine S., Connecticut

"Thank you so much April for my new addition to my collection. I love it. It is really pretty and I look forward to wearing it a lot. " Fran C., Connecticut

"In search for a summer-y pendant to hang from a favorite silver chain that is unusually thick, I saw April B's work and realized it would be perfect. The piece I chose has the size to suit a heft chain and the presence to suit my taste, but still feel light enough for summer. It's gorgeous aquas, pale blues and greens evoke the ocean for me, adding to its appeal." Beth P., Connecticut

"My friends gifted me with one of your pieces. I just had to tell you that I got so many compliments on it. I love it." Olga T., Florida

"They (the pearl pendant and earrings) are elegant and unique...perfect for the evening." Jackie S., Connecticut

"Nobody is happier than me tonight. Picked up my mail late and yippee your box was there!!! The [sea glass] pendants are beautiful!!!! I just want to thank you so much." Judy M., Connecticut 😁

"The necklace [sea glass] is beautiful and I can't wait to give it to my sister for her birthday." Barbara M., Kansas

"April, the bracelet arrived yesterday and is perfect, she'll love it! Thank you also for putting it in a gift box and tying it with a pretty bow, I don't even need to wrap it! It's small things like that an attention to detail that really make a difference and are so appreciated. Thanks again!"  Karen M., Connecticut