Client Gifts with Intention

Face it, clients like little surprises. Receiving a small gift in the mail can be a bright spot in someone’s day. 

Anyone can go to a catalog and pick out a client trinket. You can stand out by providing something different and unique that is tailor made to represent you and the work you do with clients.

One of my clients was providing a 7 Chakra course and her client gift was a bookmark with seven natural crystals to represent the chakras and the Ohm sign which she uses in her practice.  Her clients, in all probability, use journals or read self-help books and having the bookmark to use will always keep her and her program in the client’s mind.

She also was doing a Women’s Empowerment Group. For that group, we created a bookmark using crystals that supported nurturing and empowerment with the heart charm on it. It also came with a card that explained the meanings of the crystals in the bookmark so that the recipient would always remember the meaning and intention behind the bookmark.

Another client uses the compass point as her symbol. In her case, we designed a bookmark and a bracelet that each contained a compass charm to remind the client to stay focused on her individual compass point. Both items were made with her brand colors in mind which happened to have wonderful messaging that fit her business.

You have worked hard to capture content that speaks to your clients. You truly believe that the service you provide helps women address their pain points and become connected to their inner authentic self. At the end of the service or program, the client often moves on and may or may not be mindful of all that she has learned.  She may or may not refer to her notes but she will recall her experience.

I have a bracelet (and yes I made it) from a coach I worked with for a year. This bracelet had crystals on it that were related to my intentions for 2021 and it has her compass charm on it. When I am deliberating, I can look at my wrist and see the charm to hear her asking me “April, is it connected to your compass point? Will it get you closer to it if you act on this?” It continues to keep my lessons fresh.

I will work with you to create a client gift with intention that will be a reminder for your clients about the work you did together. It can also be a welcome gift to make the client feel really special and cared about, setting a positive tone to the work she is about to embark on with the provider.

This customized gift is available as a bookmark, key ring/purse charm, bracelet, or small pendant. We will work together to design your item and it will be made from natural crystals and silver (jewelry is sterling) and the selection of the crystals will come from your values, mission, purpose or program. They will be intuitively selected and through the consultation process, the final crystals will be selected to create the item so that it represents the provider. The item is gift packaged and has a card that explains the crystals’ meaning.

You can continue doing things the way you are doing them. Or, you can do that little something extra, something different, something unique that tells your client you enjoyed working with her, you look forward to working with her. Something that makes you stand out. Check out our offers and get in touch so we can help you. I'd love to schedule an appointment via Zoom to talk about your needs. 

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