My Story

Hi and welcome to April B Jewelry I am April, the Intuitive Creative behind April B Jewelry. I believe that every woman is on a journey to become her best self with all the best of intentions. Let me share some of my journey with you here.

I have been blessed with having women throughout my life  who have been nurturing, loving, and have taught me many lessons. My grandmother was a strong woman who raised her 5 children alone, having been widowed once and left by the second. She used her creativity and ethic to support her family. She was feisty in her younger years, even to leaving her family home in 1921 to live in another city as a single girl. 

I had three aunts who each provided something different. One nurtured my artistic nature and talent. Another gave me respite, love, and acceptance. Another nurtured my ambition, my career, and encouraged me to dream. 

My best friend's mother showed me warmth and total acceptance, enveloping me into her family, showing me what a loving partnership was like. I knew she and her husband would be my role models for my relationship one day.

I am ever so grateful for these women and how they helped shape me. Mostly, though, they loved me unconditionally and I carry them with me today, even in the simple things in daily life.

I found I love tending a flower garden much like my paternal grandmother and my aunt did. I am so at home in a space filled with color and scent and love to go for a garden walk with my camera. Being in nature like this grounds me.

My door is always open, no appointment needed. Family and friends can come right in and we will welcome them fully into the warm space that envelopes our visitors with love. My husband I worked to create a space that conveys this welcome, both in and out.

I am a gifter. Just as I was gifted, I tend to create items for others as thoughtful, meaningful gifts created just for them. I love when the recipient loves the gift - I know I have given them a piece of myself.

I think that's why I gravitated to my jewelry. I use items from nature, beautiful in and of themselves, filled with glorious colors and meanings. Working with crystals, pearls and sea glass make me happy and knowing a piece is going to be loved and worn by someone allows me to fill fulfilled. 

I am expanding my services later in 2021 to continue to share my gifts with you in new and supportive ways. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, shop my jewelry and find a piece that speaks to your soul. Contact me if you need help and we can schedule a 15 minute conversation. and join my email list if you haven't already so you can be among the first to know of the new and exciting offerings coming soon.