Our Values

Hi. I'm April, the Intuitive Creative behind April B Jewelry. Let me share with you the top three things I'd like you to know about me and my brand. 


1. Creating things fills my spirit. I can't not create. Since I was little, my hands have always been busy. My artistic talents were nurtured from an early age. Learning to sew was a necessity and became a favorite pastime to create unique items for myself and my home.  Besides my jewelry, I quilt and sew, tend to my flower garden, write (I authored an award-winning children's book - you can find it on this website for sale) and make products from essential oils and natural ingredients. This latest venture is called Livisense, a joint project between myself and my granddaughter Olivia and 80% of the proceed go to her college fund.  In this way, I am teaching her how to earn money from her own skills and talents as well as to create a strong money and business sense in her from an early age.


I believe in small business and artisans. I choose many products from small business. I also shop local brands when I can to support my local economy. And I always always always support local charity and non-profits to keep the money in the community. So, even though I am online, know that you are supporting a small, woman-owned business trying to do good, provide high-quality and personal experiences to help you become your absolute best.


2. I have a strong sense of social justice and fairness. I always believed that if my son could say that I was fair as a parent, I did an excellent job. I spent the majority of my adult life in the social justice environment, working on developing and managing programs for youth to help them achieve their best. Now, I am focused on helping women become their most authentic selves. I've taken my love of making jewelry and blended it with understanding human development and mindset to create jewelry from nature's crystals to create touchstones to help women along their life's journey. 


Last year, I added additional services for women to help them along their journeys through The Sage Goddess (learn more at https://thesagegoddess.co). I've discovered that oracle and tarot readings are amazing tools to help us think through things, offer a different perspective on what we're struggling with, or to simply affirm our intuition is right on. In my readings, I will also suggest crystals that may be helpful based on the messages that arose during the session. I even offer readings and bracelet combinations where we co-create your perfect crystal bracelet based on your reading. My clients love this!


3. I am connected to nature and the spirit. Now, I'm not an outdoor athlete at all. But the fresh air, sound of the rain, warmth of the sun, shapes of the clouds, scents from my garden, flittering of butterflies and birds, all of these just fill my soul. The first spring gardening day when I smell the soil as it gets turned over nurtures me, filling me with hope as I know that with the warming seasons, my flowers appear to fill my landscape with beauty.  One of my favorite things is sitting in my hammock chair under the wisteria each spring to take in its intoxicating scent. My favorite vacationing is to be able to walk along a beach and listen to the sound of the water as it comes to shore, bubbling out over the rocks, and to marvel at the colors in the water. It is these times, in the quiet of nature, that I become most inspired, and most thankful.


It is no surprise then, that I choose to work with nature's crystals and sea glass. In this way, I can take things of the earth and sea and craft beautiful jewelry for you to wear, letting you have nature close to you. I will share the message of each of the crystals with you in my descriptions, but also on a card with your purchase so you can have it as a reminder. As for sea glass, just think - these sought-after pieces of glass are created by breaking glass against the tides and rocks deep in the ocean and then, they wash up on shore beautifully polished and shaped. What a perfect metaphor for us and our journeys!



April B Jewelry is more than jewelry to me. It is nature, shaped into beautiful things that are easy to wear, that can connect you to your unique and authentic self. Let me know what you think. We're small enough to be your personal jewelry store, and that's the way we're going to keep it. 

Intentionally yours,