About Our Jewelry

A Message from April:

April B Jewelry is more than just jewelry. I really want your purchase to become part of you, your journey, your story.

Our Bracelets with Intention are the core of our brand. Every bracelet is made from natural stones, or crystals, each bead shaped into individual links for strength and durability so that you will wear it. Each bracelet has a theme, or message, based on research into the healing energies of the stones. I read multiple resources to find commonalities across them for each stone and include a card with your purchase that explains that message and how it can be helpful to you. I truly believe that my bracelets can be a talisman for you to remind you of your goals, intentions, priorities and journey to becoming your most authentic, beautiful self. I'm sure you'll find one, or more, that speak to you.

Our sea glass collection is made only from authentic sea glass found along the costs in various parts of the globe. The message of our sea glass is that it has spent years being tossed and tumbled against the rocks among the waves until the broken chard becomes polished and edges softened into a prized thing of beauty. This is such a metaphor for our lives - wearing a piece of sea glass can be a celebration of your personal journey into the woman you are today.

This same messaging resounds in all of our offerings. We believe that wearing, and owning something meaningful makes it a cherished part of you.

Take your time as you browse the website. Read through the descriptions to find your perfect piece. You can also email me at april@aprilbjewelry.com with questions and I can make recommendations for you. I so want April B Jewelry to become your jewelry for your intentional life.