Gifts with Intention & Client Gifts for Coaches

 Customized client gifts with intention are a reminder for your clients about the work you did together. It can also be a welcome gift to make the client feel really special and cared about, setting a positive tone to the work she is about to embark on with the provider. It can be a thank you gift, celebrating the work you did together.  It can be a birthday acknowledgement or for any other milestone you wish to celebrate, including your own anniversary recognizing years in business.


Your gift will be created in partnership with you. It will be made from natural crystals and silver (jewelry is sterling) and the selection of the crystals will come from your values, mission, purpose or program. They will be intuitively selected and through the consultation process, the final crystals will be selected to create the item so that it represents the provider. The item is gift packaged and has a card that explains the crystals’ meaning.


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