Yemaya - Nurturing Mother of All

Yemaya is the Yoruba goddess of the living ocean and is considered the mother of all.  Yemaya was the river goddess of the Yoruba in Nigeria. When her people were hoarded onto the slave ships, Yemaya went with them, thus becoming their Goddess of the Ocean.

​She traveled with them from Yoruba to distant lands, comforting them in the holds of the slave ships that took them far away from their homeland in Africa. Known by other names, her traditions continue in the countries to which her people were dispersed.

Yemaya is a mother goddess, the goddess of home, fertility, love and family. Like water she represents both change and constancy bringing forth life, protecting it, and changing it as is necessary. Although she is maternal and nurturing, she’s also fierce, clever and brave. While her punishments can be terrible when outraged, she is fair minded and forgiving when proper remorse is shown. Oh, did I just describe you as a mother?

​Yemaya is a goddess of comfort and inspiration. She reminds us that even the worst catastrophes can be endured and that, with her help, we can learn to negotiate the ebbs and flows of change in our lives with her wisdom, courage, and grace. Now I know these are lessons you teach or have taught your children.

We all have some Yemaya within us.  She is our nurturing spirit, the fierce lioness when her children (and tribe or community) are threatened. She is the spirit that consoles those we love when they feel grief or sorrow. She is the spirit that also helps us nurture the inner child within us who has grown to be the individual we are today.


(Looking in to the mirror, say your name) I am proud of you and all that you are.

The child in me and I are one. We love each other, care for each other, appreciate each other and will always belong to each other.

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