Thoughts At Our Summer Midpoint

Who remembers absolutely loving summer as a child? No school. All play. Freedom. I can recall playing outside with the neighborhood kids and my siblings in the woods behind our house with rocks to climb, a brook to wade in, and shade to cool us from the pounding heat of the sun. There was even a way to hike to my aunt's house through those woods where we could jump into her pond. 

Here we are at the end of July, hitting the midpoint of summer with only a few weeks left before the start of the new school year. Granted, we aren't sure when and how the school year will look, and it won't be as in the innocent days gone by for sure.  But in the meantime, how are you spending these last four weeks of summer?

Fortunately, we feel safe enough to venture to our favorite island in the next state over and will do so mid-month for a few days mid-week. It is the first time we will go in the summer and just know the feel of the sand under my feet and the water over my legs will feel heavenly, restful, rejuvenating. Walking by the water as the sun sets and breathing the salt air deeply in will revive my spirit so I can face ongoing social distancing, mask-wearing days ahead with prayer to keep us all safe.

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