Possibilities. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are so many possibilities for us in our lives?

I think back to being a little girl and how fortunate I was to have women in my life who nurtured the possibilities for my future. One aunt recognized, and nurtured, my artistic talents. She herself is an artist, went to art school, traveled the world for her art, and ultimately spent a career in teaching about art to college students. She lives, and breathes, art which feeds her soul. While I did not choose a traditional art path for a career, the appreciation of art in all I see and do remains an integral part of my being.

As a teen, I discovered music and learned to play the organ and the guitar. I could get lost in playing. I found that I loved soft soothing music most of all and played my guitar and sang for me. If I felt sad, or lonely, I could pull that guitar out and sing favorites and always felt rejuvenated and ready to move on. I fantasized, as so many teens do, of going into a music career. I did not, however, possess the drive and passion to make that possibility a reality.

I knew I had a desire to help others, particularly kids. I explored a variety of possibilities, including teaching and social work, and ultimately spent over 20 years working in the youth field. A woman, who became both a mentor and a great friend, challenged me one day, early into my career, telling me there were two paths before me and helping me to determine the one I would choose. That possibility became a passion for creating programs to help young people develop into their most successful selves.

Then, in 2017, I left that world, I needed more possibilities to challenge me. I opened my jewelry business and in 2020, published a children’s book. I have come to understand that possibilities give us meaning, energy, hope, and life.

What possibilities do you see for yourself?

I wish you a life of nothing but possibilities for you to pursue.


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