The Sea Glass Journey of Life

I love sea glass. I just received a shipment from Puerto Rico as pictured as well as some lavender glass from Maine. I am really loving the small cornflower blue pieces in the photo.

When I think of sea glass and know there are people all over the world who comb beaches searching for that elusive piece, I marvel that we are enamored by these shards of glass, weathered by beating tossed and tumbled against rocks, in the waves until they wash up on the shore. Not one is like the other. Each is unique in its shape or form or color.

I think of beach glass as a metaphor for the human condition, of our journey in this life. Life's challenges toss us about,  sometimes roughly until we break into pieces. Then it tosses us in our own waves until we arrive at the place we are supposed to be, a perfectly imperfect, beautiful work of art.

Just as we relish the beauty in these pieces of glass, we should also relish the beauty inside our own selves. Perhaps one of our sea glass pieces can be a reminder to you that you have weathered life's journey thus far and you are perfectly imperfect by design.

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