The Great Pause

This time will go down in history as a great pause. A pause in our daily routines. A pause in our economy. A pause that allowed many of us to re-examine our lives, and recognize that the treadmill we were on was unhealthy, stressful, and unnecessary. A pause that gave us time with our families, a slowing down to enjoy the little things life offers, to take stock of our blessings. 

Since March 1st, my life, like yours, changed. At first, I thought this would only be a short time and I could do it, no problem. Then, I found myself becoming angry and irritable. My quiet space has been encroached upon and I wasn't liking it one bit. 

But then, I paused. I returned to yoga. I returned to that quiet time of giving thanks. What I found was a renewed joy, and gratitude for what i was experiencing. You see, I had the blessing of becoming my granddaughter's long-term substitute teacher, with many overnights (boarding school I called it), in a time where too many families were separated. 

I share this story in a book that was released on Amazon on 8/18/20. Along with 24 others, we share our stories and the wisdom and blessings bestowed upon us during this pandemic. 

You might find some inspiration from these stories. Maybe one of ours mirrors yours. If you're interested, check our The Great Pause - Blessings and Wisdom from COVID-19 compiled by Elizabeth B. Hill. 

See my video reading of my chapter and discussion  here:

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