Summer 2020 - What's New in Our World

Like most of you, I have been social distancing, wearing a mask every time I go out, and limiting any in-person socializing to a select few. Here, in Connecticut, the measures put in place by our Governor and the seriousness with which us Nutmeggers took this virus has resulted in very positive news, fewer positive tests, lower hospitalizations, and a safe phased-in re-opening. I hope that all of you reading this are also being safe and have not been majorly affected by this virus.

Like most of you, I'm sure, I am so ready to go back to a normal, and that means visiting the shoreline, walking along the beach and listening to the waves roll in, seeing sunsets over the beach, gathering small rocks and shells. As a result of this yearning, my Summer 2020 Collection pays homage to the beach with pieces made from authentic sea glass and shells. In addition to my unique layered sea glass pendants that are wrapped with sterling wire, we now carry sea glass bracelets and I hope to add a small collection of sea glass earrings in the next week or so. Those little pieces of glass are so hard to drill!!!

I am a fan of naturally shaped items and shell shards are now incorporated into a necklace and bracelet design. I really think you are going to love these! They are all easy to wear, go with your casual tees or a linen or silk top for some summer al fresco dining. They will also be terrific for your winter warm weather excursion  to a sunny tropical resort this winter!

Let me know what you think of these new pieces. More are coming and by the end of July, everything will be listed.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your summer. April

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