Spring's Hope

It is always this time of the year that I find I am getting restless. Here in the northeast, we have a very defined winter (although this year, it seems most of the country had the same defined winter!) and the melting of the snow gives way to the sprouts popping up from the earth. I look for the first leaves of my daffodils pushing upwards in the mornings when I venture out.

I always miss the leaves of the crocuses, usually because of the winter’s debris on the ground. But then, the bright yellow and brilliant purple hues are there.  I know, at last, spring has arrived and as the weeks go on, my garden will be filled with glorious color of daffodils, peonies, violets, wisteria, clematis, roses, lavender, lilies and more.

I have always been drawn to this early spring. It fills me with hope every single year. It fills me with optimism because even in the coldest of February with two feet of snow on the ground, these plants come back faithfully, just as the leaves of the trees bud and green, and the dead grass from last summer’s heat is renewed with green growth.

As every gardener knows, that smell of the earth when you first turn it over is intoxicating. My husband always admonished me for not wearing gloves. I do, most of the time, but honestly, that first bit of gardening, I need to feel the earth in my hands. I need to feel the connection to the earth once more.

We’ve gone through a dark, difficult, challenging time this past year with COVID. For some, recent years have been dark with leadership who didn’t care about the average person, about people who looked and are different, who put politics and greed above all. Now we are in a time of change. Will it be better? I am hopeful.

Change needs to be nourished. This new beginning needs to be tended and cared for. We need to reach down into our own humanity and become part of the larger community, working for the betterment of all of us. I can’t help but think of the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi “May I seek not to be consoled, but to console, to be understood as to understand, to be loved, as to love. For it is in giving, that we receive…”

Let’s enter this season with hope. Hope for an awakened humanity.

Hope for a healing, physically and emotionally, that we console until we can connect to one another once again.

Hope that love triumphs and we grow to understand our neighbors, those who are different, and work for a vibrant, diverse, rich community.

Hope that as we give to one another, we receive abundance in blessings.

Wishing you hope my friend.


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