Reflections on 2020 and Dreams for 2021

We've only a few days left to this most unusual year. Like everyone else, I am entering a time of reflection as I look forward to the new year.  There were many lessons to be learned from 2020, some of which I wrote about in the book "The Great Pause - Blessings and Wisdom form COVID-19". 

2020 has helped me revaluate what truly is important in my life. All the busy-ness that prevents us from reaching out and making real connections has drifted away. Yes, I am busy but in different ways, in more meaningful ways than I was in 2019 and before. I find myself seeking and finding deeper connections to other women and consequently, myself. I am reading books and blogs and posts that impact my thoughts, my desires, my values, and thus help me become my more authentic self.

I have been blessed with extended time with my 8 year old granddaughter who comes here at last two days a week for her virtual schooling. I know, form past experience, that once this passes and school returns to normal, I will see less and less of her. I am comforted by the amount of time we have now and the strengthening of this bond. I also share this bond through my children's book "I Hug You in My Heart" which was published this year although the official release date is in spring 2021.

Like so many of you, perhaps, I have worked on my home, sprucing it up and setting up for longer seasonal outdoor entertaining. This way, it won't be such a lonely winter and we can maintain some face-to-face safe contact with those we love, in small doses.

And what of 2021? It is the year of "April Unleashed". Time to put away expectations and limiting beliefs I bought into even though they weren't of my choosing. Time to truly believe in myself, my capabilities, my skills, and take my business ventures to new heights. Time to spend with my husband of 40 years that is meaningful and loving, appreciating this life we have built together. Time to leave those who aren't supporters, who don't believe in me, who can't be happy for my successes, to leave them behind and not look back. It will be an amazing year.

So, my reader, I hope for your unleashing too, to live your most authentic and loving life, and relish joy deep inside you. 



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