Receiving and Giving Love

February 2021 is all about love and giving. Yes, we know Valentine’s Day is in this month. Yet, love is more than the commercial romantic gestures on that one day.

“There are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” Isn’t that a wonderful, optimistic thought? What kinds do you experience in your life? Love of a partner. Love of a parent to child. Love you give to your children, your friends. Love of your community when you give, volunteer. Love of yourself where it all begins. This month, we will explore more about different kinds of love beginning with the love for others found in “altruism”.

Altruism is defined as when we act to promote someone else’s welfare, even at a risk or cost to ourselves. It is thinking of others, of the community, of those who can benefit from your help, your selflessness, your care. It is giving that care without expecting anything in return. You just do it because it feels good. It’s the pay it forward concept.

It’s the volunteering we do. Every mom who is part of her child’s school’s PTA is giving love to her child and community. Every time you volunteer for a cause, or participate in a race for something, you are giving love. Every time you donate to a worthy cause, you are giving love. Every time you spend a bit of time with someone and are fully present, you are giving love. When you post a birthday greeting, yep, that’s love too. There are so many ways we can give love and in doing so, you not only better others with your essence, but you better yourself for the feeling that comes with being involved and thinking of others.

It reminds me of a phrase from the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi: “for it is in giving, that we receive”. And, it is so true. I love to see the smiles on someone’s face when I’ve been able to help. It reaches a spirit of generosity which makes me feel good inside and helps me build toward contentment.

Remember, it isn’t necessarily a big gesture. Start small, reach out to someone who might be lonely, send a just because email or card. I know it’s hard with all of the social distancing we have to do in this pandemic but even a Face Time or Zoom call for a few minutes will help both of you. For it is in giving, that we receive.

As we explore love this month, we are offering a promotion all our three love stones jewelry as our February special. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite are the three love stones. Starting with Rhodonite, which is thought to be helpful in developing balance between your internal and external lives. Its vibration is said to encourage selflessness and stimulate a desire to help others. Keep rhodonite with you to help you have unconditional love towards others.

Rose Quartz is the Heart Stone of unconditional love and love for oneself. Rhodochrosite is also for self- love and healing love.

With loving intention,



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