New Stained Glass Pendants Are Here!

My new collection of stained glass are similar to my sea glass pendants in style and offer a wider range of colors from pink and rose, to aqua and blue, some purple and lavender, and peach and orange. They are bright and perfect for this spring and summer season.

There's a double creative process in crafting these. First I have to figure out which shapes and color combinations work well together. This is a lot of trial and error until pleasing combinations are in place. The shapes of the glass, size of the cuts and colors all come into play.

Then comes the process of adhering the layers together. After they are dried and ready, the second part of the creative process comes along with the wire wrapping and while my process is the same, they all come out a bit different so that each one is unique. I love watching them come to life and each one becomes my new favorite! Which one is yours? 

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