Love Lessons

I absolutely fell in love with this quote and then when I found this photo, it took my breath away. No matter what stage of life we are in, no matter where we are on this journey of life, we always need to be reminded to look in the mirror and let the woman you see know that you love her, unequivocally.

What are the love lessons I have learned in my fairly long journey?

Love of another in a committed relationship isn’t easy. The path for that love is paved smoothly at times, rocky in others, mushy from the rains at times and almost impassable with the snow at others. I admit I mentally packed his bags a few times, but working through the tough times strengthens you both. Still, along the way, there is such beauty in giving yourself to another, and getting it back. I have been blessed with a 40-year marriage to the same man, who has given me unconditional love no matter what through his support and belief in me. I realize now that he had more faith in me than I did in myself.

Loving yourself may mean making some difficult choices about who you keep in your life. The reality is that no family is perfect and some may be crazier than others. We believe some of the messages we got while growing up which have, in turn, created shadows for our happiness. You deserve to be loved for the beautiful being that you are. Let it start with you. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if needed – there are some amazingly wonderful coaches and therapists and energy healers that can make a big difference for you. Find the deep love for you as yourself. And if it means that you need to let someone go, it may be an ending of that, yet a beginning of something greater.

Giving is a component to love. Small gestures that let someone know you are thinking of them can show love. Anyone can do the once-a-year Valentine big thing but really, isn’t it the day-to-day, small thoughtful, considerate, loving gestures that fill one’s cup? It’s the gentleness of a smile, the kindness of having your coffee made, the presentation of a small natural treasure (like the dandelions every child picks to give to mom), the sparkle in someone’s eye that tells you they are truly happy to see you.  I believe these bring you to a place of knowing your needs are being met. Be that for others too.

I wish you a life filled with love.


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