Let's Talk About Sea Glass

Are you one of the seekers that comb the beach looking for that elusive piece of sea glass? Nestled among the rocks and pebbles on the beach, a shimmer of color appears and you get all excited! I love watching the videos from these seekers and get just as excited as they do.

Sea glass comes from bottles, jars and other glass that has been tossed into the ocean and lakes, that have been tossed and tumbled into smooth frosted glass over a number of years that wash up on the beach. The most common colors that are found are white, green and brown which come from clear glass, green and brown bottles.


The color we mostly associated with sea glass is the pretty pale seafoam green color. The color was cause by iron that naturally occurs in the batch sand used to make glass.

Lavender is rare and comes from pre WWI jars and bottles.  The color comes from manganese in the glass that turns clear glass purple in the sun. We've been fortunate to purchase some lovely lavender glass and have one necklace available.

Cobalt blue is found in a 1 to 250 ratio overall and comes form old blue jars such as Noxema or Vicks Vaporub. Much of the cobalt glass we have seen is very small pieces.

Cornflower blue is rare with 1 in about 500 pieces being this color blue. Much of it is pre-1900 so comes from antique jars and bottles. We were able to get a nice supply of cornflower blue glass and made three necklace sets from them. We're now on the search for more.

Aqua is rare as well. I have a few aqua pieces that just came in and they are simply gorgeous.

These days, people are selling man-made or tumbled glass that looks like sea glass. When you find pieces that are the exact shape and color, it is highly likely tumbled glass and not the authentic glass from the sea. Same with some of the bright colors - red, yellow, orange, pink - these are all extremely rare found glass. 

To learn more, visit these sites: bythesea.com, beachlust.com and odysseyseaglass.com. I use these often to learn more about the pieces I have as a guide in what I can offer to you.


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