Lakshmi- Finding Abundance in Your Authentic Self

Lakshmi is one of the most important goddess in Hindu beliefs and is worshipped by many Hindu households. One of her roles is that of the goddess of the household and she is a particular favorite of women.

 Her name comes from the Sanskrit “Laksme” which means goals. Thus, she represents the goal of life. We can also think of her to help us stay focused on our goals.

 As a goddess of fortune, she bestows power, pleasure and prosperity with the ultimate goal of knowing that our true bliss lies within. Bliss means finding your true vocation that gives you bliss so that you can come to full bloom.

 She is pictured as having four arms and the color gold is seen in her portraits. She represents both the gold we can hold in our hands (material wealth) and the gold that we can become by doing the work that fulfills our soul.

She tells us that true abundance is a coming together so that no one is left behind. This abundance is the alignment with the universe, becoming your authentic self. She also tells us to stop second guessing ourselves and the value we hold. Once you have accepted your authentic self and build upon it, with it will come love, freedom and true prosperity.

Our Lakshmi bracelet is filled with stones thought to help with prosperity and abundance, providing grounding in the root chakra to set and accomplish our goals, as well as to lift our joy which helps us grow into our authentic selves.



I set goals that are in alignment with my authentic self.


I let go of the pessimism and self doubt that prevents me from realizing my goals.

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