Who am I? What is the essence of myself? Thinking of ways to answer, beyond wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend and the like, I think about my likes, what makes me feel good. I have always been drawn to color especially aqua blues and greens. I love spring, the newness, the hope that it brings, watching the shoots of the plants in my garden break through the frozen ground.I am drawn to the ocean, the waves that roll in and out, the sound of the surf, gentle or crashing matters not. I am mesmerized by the movement and can watch it for hours. I relish the beauty of flowers in a garden, the scents that fill the air and eagerly wait for my wisteria to bloom every April so I can sit beneath the blossoms and inhale their spicy sweetness which lasts only a short time. The sky - how I love the sky. The blues and colors at dawn and dusk, sunsets and sunrises, and clouds. The shapes of clouds fascinate me. I need to have nature around me, it feeds my soul. Is it any wonder then that I would be drawn to the glorious color, feel, energy of natural stones and gems? Placing them in my hands as I work them into jewelry, I am taken by the intricacies of the hues within them, the coolness of their feel. The cloudlike patterns in Larimar. The iridescence of Labradorite. The shades of the ocean in aquamarine. The brilliance of the sun in Citrine.The bands in Rhodochrosite. The soft colors of dawn in Morganite. Each bead is unique which adds to the beauty of jewelry made with them. I found this quote that says "Nature is the art of God".  Enjoy your April B jewelry, they are made from the art of God, of a Divine and Supreme Being however you call him.  It is spiritual for me to create these pieces. Namaste.


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