Hope is Optimism

My gardens are awakening, daffodils in bloom. The shoots of my daylilies have broken through the earth as have the peony stalks. The greening of the trees foretells the beauty of the purple lilacs, pink azaleas and blue hydrangeas later this spring. I have always had an affinity for spring because of the hopefulness, the optimism this season brings, that through the cold and frozen ground, comes a warmth and rebirth.

I find myself feeling more joyous at this time of year than any other. I tune in to this awakening and all of the possibilities it offers.

I had a robin perch on a branch of my wisteria outside my studio window this morning. I had never seen one perched outside my window until today.  I decided to look up the symbolism of the robin a read that it represents new beginnings, luck, satisfaction, clarity, rejuvenation and new growth. The interesting thing for this apparition is that I was on a call with an attorney to discuss the future of my business for growth and protection. Seeing this beautiful robin was a sign for me to birth this new phase of April B Jewelry.

Hope is a wonderful thing. It gives me optimism. And energy. And drive. And purpose. Hope tells me I am fully alive with much to do and give and receive.

I wish for you a season of hope.


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