Grounded for Change

As March comes in, my thoughts often focus on change, new beginnings, rebirth, hope. Spring, especially early spring, has always been my favorite time of year.

New beginnings and change are hard for some of us. Yet others embrace it. Which camp are you in?

I think that for us to embrace change, we must first be grounded. Grounded in safety, of who we are. Grounded to know that change isn’t going to destroy us. It might alter us, give us new perspective, bring us new opportunities.


What exactly does that mean anyway? In the chakra system, the root is the seat for grounding. It is at the base of our spine. It is the chakra is responsible for providing the foundation upon which we build our lives. When balanced, the root chakra provides a feeling of security and trust. It is associated with the feelings of safety, security, trust, and basic needs.

When the root chakra is not in balance, it may be hard to feel safe in the world and everything looks like a potential risk. You may then desire safety above all else and that can make change very scary. When you feel safe and secure, the impending change is more likely to be greeted openly, or cautiously, but not feared of what will come.

So how do you get grounded?

Self-exploration guidance with heart-centered coaches and therapists may be helpful. They can help identify your fears that prevent you from embracing change.  Aspire Magazine, an online magazine, has a sacred business directory of experts and programs that may be helpful to you (

Participating in groups can be helpful. Facebook is loaded with groups that are there to help you led by fantastic life coaches to guide you through the tough times. Asking for help is actually a form of self-care.  Many of the heart-centered experts in the above directory have Facebook groups.

Some suggest engaging in specific grounding activities. I realize now that the love, and need, I have to be barefoot is a way of remaining grounded to the earth. To feel the ground and grass and sand beneath my feet in warm weather, the smooth wood or texture of the carpet indoors, and even the feel of the warmth of the fire on the soles of my feet from the fireplace in these cold months. These keep me grounded. It now makes sense how my shoes and sandals get kicked off all the time in different places in the house and it drives my husband crazy!

Another way of grounding yourself may be wearing a grounding crystal. These are generally black or dark red in color. This month I am releasing a limited-edition necklace made from two grounding crystals - onyx and obsidian. They are long necklaces made to slip over your head and wearing it can be a reminder to you that you are working on becoming more grounded so that you can move through your life journey in a positive, embracing way. See them at under Other Jewelry with Intention.

However you choose to become more grounded, I wish you the safety and security it will bring you.


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