Finding Unbridled Joy and Love

A few weeks ago, in a coaching group I belong to, we were talking about how we were doing while still in this prolonged pandemic. One of us mentioned that she wanted to feel unbridled joy and happiness and to feel loved again. As she spoke, certain crystals were popping into my head. I saw citrine for joy and happiness and rose quartz for love.  She is starting a new venture and golden rutilated quartz is reported to be a good stone for entrepreneurs. And so, I created this bracelet for her filled with pink and yellow and sent it to her. I loved it so much, I made one for myself and put it on. Funny thing is I began to feel a renewed happiness and joy and energy and I have not taken it off since. I have since added it to my Essential Goddess Collection and called her Eireen, after the Greek Goddess of peace. Why Eireen? Because I believe that to fully have peace, you need to have the unbridled joy and happiness and love yourself. Wearing her can help you focus on those joyful aspects of your life and to remind you that you must love yourself.

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