Empower the Goddess Within

I firmly believe that our accessories represent who we are. They are more than just adornments for beauty. They tell the world about you, your style, your colors, and perhaps, even a bit about your lifestyle. Researching jewelry styles, we see bohemian, minimalist, and retro. You might like big, bold statement pieces. Perhaps you are a layered look kind of gal. Maybe it’s all about the metals. Or maybe the color. Whatever it is, your accessories speak about who you are.

What I try to do with my jewelry is to give you jewelry to wear that is filled with personal meaning that can provide you with reminders of what you are all about and where you are heading. The Essential Goddess Collection was designed with this clear intent.

I was fascinated by the mythology from ancient cultures who worshipped various gods and goddesses, each one standing for something particular. As I thought about the work we women do to become our best selves, I wondered if any of these ancient goddesses would be role models of us. What did they stand for? Which ones might be useful to us today? Not necessarily to worship, but to remind us of the work we are doing on ourselves. I also began to be connected to life coaches and holistic healers and wondered how I could support that work by providing talismans for women to serve as visual reminders. You don’t need to believe in the metaphysical healing energies of crystals to appreciate the meaning behind the goddesses. Rather, I provide a blending of these crystals for their attributes as believed by these practitioners to serve as a visual concrete piece for your work. I mean, why can’t you have a fabulous piece of jewelry to help you on your journey? Right?

September is my Essential Goddess Month. Throughout the month, I will publish posts about these essential goddesses, beginning with Kali who is the goddess of endings and new beginnings. Then I will share Athena, Lakshmi, Yemaya, Venus and Eireen. A diverse set of goddesses from different cultures with messages we can certainly use in our personal journey.

My Essential Goddess Collection is truly about my new tagline:

Your journey. Your jewelry. Empower the Goddess Within.


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