Does Buying Jewelry On-Line Make You Nervous?

What makes you nervous about buying jewelry, especially on line? In this issue we will attempt to ask and answer some common questions.

Will it last?

We hear you. No one want to spend money only to have a piece break or fall apart. Lately, I've had a few friends ask me to repair old jewelry they had and loved because the stretch elastic lost its strength, the cord frayed, the hook opened or broke. At April B Collection, we use high quality materials. We use a stringing wire that has 49 fine wire "threads" twisted and coated into a supple stringing medium. It isn't going to break. We wrap all of our loops for security so they won't accidentally open. I stand behind my craftsmanship and my materials and if there is a problem, simply send me an email to let me know. You can also read our return and exchange policies for more information.

What happens if it breaks?

Send me an email. Show me a photo. We are a small enough company to give personal attention to our customers. I want you to be happy and to wear our jewelry for a long time. 

What if it doesn't fit right when I get it and try it on?

We will give you details of the size and lengths of our necklaces and bracelets in each description. But sometimes it just doesn't work. You need it longer or shorter for the neckline or your wrist is really small or larger than average. There's a couple of things you can do right up front before your purchase. Try the top on with necklaces you already have to find the right length and then measure that. If, for example, you want a 22" and the piece is 20", email me and ask how I can adjust the piece for you. It may be as simple as putting an extender on it.  If it is possible, I will let you know. Same for bracelets. If you have a favorite one, measure it and I can adjust your bracelet purchase to fit. 

What if it doesn't look like it is pictured?

Taking photos of jewelry takes a lot of patience and editing. I work to edit the color to be as true to life as possible. Still, monitors will display them differently and that is beyond our control. However, the comments we generally get is how much more beautiful the jewelry is in person.  If it just doesn't work, please follow our exchange and return policies which start with an email to 

What if she doesn't like it (It was a gift)?

That can happen. Just follow our return and exchange policies with an email to We will work with her to find the perfect replacement.

Is my purchase secure?

Absolutely. We have a secure website and have a variety of options for you to use so that you feel comfortable when paying. We have not yet had any customer complain about payment. Please see all the ways you can pay, including credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay and more. We want you to be completely comfortable when you buy from April B Collection.

I know you will be happy with your experience in buying from us. We care about you, our customer. We want you to be completely satisfied. We want to be able to give you personal attention when needed. Most of all, we want you to love your April B jewelry just like the photo of one of our very satisfied customers wearing her pearl necklace.






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