Color Your World

Color spices up our lives. Color adds freshness and excitement. Color can enhance our moods and emotions. We all have favorite colors that we are drawn to for our homes, our clothes, our accessories. I am always drawn to aqua and teal. doesn't matter what it is but that if an item is in that color, I stop and look, read the description, and contemplate. 

We have introduced our colorful Stained Glass Pendants or Art Glass Pendants that take leftover pieces of stained glass that we purchase from glass artists and we artfully layer them to create our unique, one of a kind pendants. Not one is the same because all of the glass pieces we get are different. The fun part is figuring out which color and shapes work well together. They are then glued with a strong adhesive and left to dry. Once dried, the silver wire comes out and the bails are shaped, the wrapping done and voila! We have a fabulous art piece to wear. Our hope is that the wire enhances the glass.

Have fun with your jewelry this year. Add some color to your life. If you are already colorful, add some more. Life is too short to not be colorful.



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