Buildng Wealth & Prosperity - Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess

This is another blog that describes my inspiration for my jewelry.  I have a friend who is an entrepreneur and is in the business of helping families build their financial stability and wealth. She is also going through a major life transition that has been difficult and challenging. She is also part of the coaching group I am in. As she was speaking in one of our recent sessions, ideas for a bracelet for her were swirling around in my head. I was thinking about stones related to prosperity and wealth and transition and came up with a combination of pyrite ( a prosperity stone), onyx (for grounding), citrine (the Merchant's Stone), golden rutilated quartz (for women entrepreneurs), Tiger's Eye (for helping reach our goals), labradorite (for having faith in oneself) and a black lava bead for essential oils. It was a beautiful piece and I sent it off to her. Happily for me, she loved it and when I saw her next, she was wearing it. I am adding it to my Essential Goddess Collection and named it Lakshmi, after the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

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