Attaining Contetment

As I began 2021, I engaged in a Values Exercise where I went through a list of over 200 personal values, and through a series of actions, came up with a list of 9 core values I live by. The fun part was in defining those values for myself. It was enlightening as I looked over my list and had a “Aha!” of that was me.  I share this with you as one of those core values is “Contentment”.

Contentment, as I defined it is “the condition of true satisfaction with yourself and the life you have created”.  It means knowing who you are and what you value. It means knowing the necessities in your life and including them as part of your life.

You don’t need lots of money for this – fancy cars and big houses aren’t necessities. I’d been to a parenting workshop once, very long ago, and the trainer shared a story between needs and wants. His daughter asked for money to buy a pair of jeans. When he asked her how much she wanted, she gave him a number for a designer pair of jeans. He replied by letting her know his job was to ensure she had what she needed and jeans were needed as a clothing item, especially if hers didn’t fit any longer. So, he would give her the amount of a decent pair of jeans. If she wanted the designer ones, she would have to figure out how to add to his money to get them.

I’ve never forgotten that story. I know what it is I need in my life for contentment. I need to create. I need to spend time with my husband of 40+ years and share experiences together. I need to have quiet time. I need to breathe in the fresh air and often open a window in my studio just a bit, even in the cold, to get that fresh air smell. I need to hear the voice of my son and granddaughters and I realized how much I needed to hear the voices of my sister and a niece and nephew recently. Those connections make me feel fulfilled.

Contentment is feeling fulfilled. How do you fill yourself up to reach contentment?

As we continue to explore love this month, we are offering a promotion all our three love stones jewelry as our February special. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite are the three love stones. Starting with Rhodonite, which is thought to be helpful in developing balance between your internal and external lives. Its vibration is said to encourage selflessness and stimulate a desire to help others. Keep rhodonite with you to help you have unconditional love towards others.

Rose Quartz is the Heart Stone of unconditional love and love for oneself. Rhodochrosite is also for self- love and healing love. Maybe your act of self-love is to get yourself one (or more) of these beautiful crystal jewelry pieces to remind yourself to fill your life with those needs that help you reach contentment.

With loving intention,


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