Athena - I am a Phenomenal Woman

When you read about Athena, there doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t do! She was a warrior, strategist, diplomat and a teacher. She is a goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law, justice, strength, strategy and more.  She is associated with domestic crafts. In other words, she is a true woman!

Today’s woman is mother, wife, aunt, niece, grandmother, teacher, mediator, dispenser of fair justice, inspiration to her family, cook, cleaner, repair-person, nurse, and more. Today’s woman can easily become exhausted trying to fulfill all of those roles equally well if she doesn’t take the time to also care for herself (but that is another goddess coming up).

Today’s woman is underestimated. There are those who take advantage, or at least try to. She is strong, creative, courageous, determined, and critical to the backbone of our culture.

We all have stories to tell about our mothers and grandmothers. Someday, your grandchildren will be telling stories about you.  What will be story they tell?

 Our Athena bracelet was created with stones that support a woman’s strength including sunstone for instilling self-confidence, citrine for that boost of energy and optimism, carnelian as a stone of courage, and tiger’s eye to boost self-confidence. Wearing her will tell all of those around you that you are a woman modeled after the amazing Athena.


 I am a radiant, powerful and free woman.

 I am complete just as I am.

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