Need Help Finding Your Right Crystal?

Need some help figuring out which crystal or crystals are right for you? Here's three ways to start.

Our free Crystal Quiz has 10 easy questions for you to answer and you will receive results about your current perfect crystal. Scroll up to the top of the page to find the quiz.

Our Nature's Crystal deck will give you an overview of 30 crystals to help you find those that resonate with you.

When you're ready for more, April has a package with The Sage Goddess for a Lotus Package Reading. April will guide you in an in-depth oracle reading. She then will recommend your personal guidance bracelet to be your personal touchstone to remind you of the insights that came about in the reading as you move along your journey. Go to to schedule your session today.

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous new bracelet! As soon as I opened the box, I could FEEL the energy radiating off of it! And when I picked it up...WOW! I STILL have goosebumps! It's beautiful..."

Barb P

"I have several of these bracelets. I mix and match them depending on my mood and what I'm wearing - I'm always getting compliments on them. The chakra bracelet is ALWAYS in the mix. I love having the custom charm. It's a talisman and beautiful jewelry all at the same time. So many of my friends want it! I've started giving them as gifts. Now THEY wear theirs every day. So cool. Kind of like an additional layer of connection!"

Wendy P

I have several of April’s bracelets. My first purchase was a few years ago and now I ordered several more. They are truly beautiful! I love wearing them individually as well as several at a time. I frequently get compliments when wearing them. They are well made and will last a lifetime. I also have several necklaces and they, too, are truly beautiful. I just love wearing her pieces!!!

Bonnie O

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