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Hi and welcome to April B Jewelry. I'm April Goff Brown, the creative intuitive behind all of the jewelry and gifts you'll see on this website. I create beautiful jewelry from natural crystals, designed to be wearable reminders for you about caring for yourself while you care for others, to prioritize your wellness and self care whenever you look at the bracelet on your wrist, and most importantly, to remind yourself that you are an amazing, powerful, beautiful goddess of a woman. Let me know how I can help you find your perfect piece of jewelry here.

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Thank you April B Jewelry. April created this one of a kind beautiful bracelet for me. With so much meaning and so much intention. My bracelet for meditation makes me happy every day. And the intention that she created for the bracelet is now part of my ritual and routine. Thank you. ❤️

Naomi R

"I worked with April B Jewelry to create a holiday gift for all my members. It was created with intention of success as that is the mission and goal of my chapter. Everyone just loved and appreciated the beautiful keychains, the message to remind us of success and prosperity is just an added benefit. I think this was a beautiful and thoughtful gift to give to my members especially during these different times."

Aina H.

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Need some help figuring out which crystal or crystals are right for you? Here's three ways to start: 1) Scroll down for our free download "5 Easy Ways to Choose Your Crystal"; 2) Purchase the Nature's Crystal Deck that contains messages on 30 crystals; or 3) get personal guidance to find yours.

Schedule your Personal Guidance Reading where April will guide you through seven areas in your life. During this reading, you will gain insight into your own internal blocks and what you might do to overcome them. As part of this offer, April will recommend your personal guidance bracelet. The bracelet becomes your personal touchstone to remind you of the insights that came about in the reading as you move along your journey. The bracelet and reading combined is valued at $98 and is offered for $85 as an introductory offer for 2021.

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